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Monday, February 14, 2011

I was at the Dam Square!

After landing in Amsterdam, I was whisked off straight away to meet up with some more Weston Body Hardware distributors, before having the chance to check out some of Amsterdam’s well known city sights.

In the city that celebrates National Windmill Day, visiting a windmill was naturally my first choice. Up close, it was a magnificent sight and I even had a sneak peek inside whilst I climbed to the top.

Afterwards, I went to the Dam Square (and I am not being abrasive, it’s actually called the Dam Square) to have a little rest, before I headed off to the canals of Amsterdam. The city is considered the “Venice of the North,” so I jumped on a canal cruise and watched the bustling city from the calm of the river. I then finished the day by going to the Rijksmuseum, the largest museum in the Netherlands.

I was going to visit a place called the red light district, but apparently red lights can damage a teddy’s eyes…? Instead I went to a restaurant and had Forgotten Soup, I can’t remember exactly what was in it, but it was delicious!

I wonder where I will visit next…?


Sprechen sie Deutsch?

Here I am sitting at Düsseldorf International Airport with my unusually large suitcase. After arriving in Germany, I met some more of Weston Body Hardware’s distributors and then had the opportunity to go and visit some of the beautiful sights.

Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, is the world’s most famous castle and I can see why, it was beautiful. I also had the chance to see the breathtaking beauty of the Alps and relax on a river cruise along the Rhine.

For me, the ultimate part of the trip was visiting the German Markets. It was completely manic and I think at some point a woman stepped on me. However, I managed to escape and even haggle for a new coat and hat!

I am now learning German, as I hope to return one day. Just need to brush up on my pronunciation!

Bear-ly standing…


Monday, February 7, 2011

Adding Finnish-ing touches.

I’ve been on yet another exciting adventure, this time to Helsinki. I was introduced to the Finland based Weston Body Hardware distributors and then discovered some of the delights of Helsinki.

I thought I should tap into my cultural side and decided to visit an art gallery, only problem was my height… I had pretty bad neck cramp by the end of the day. I didn’t let it stop me though! I managed to make time to visit Helsinki Zoo and apart from a hair-raising moment involving a lion, it was a great place to visit. I even picked up a few animal souvenirs!

After visiting the art gallery and zoo, there was one stop left: a visit to an open-air museum. Sadly, that afternoon it rained (the only time when an open-air museum isn’t the greatest of ideas).

Ah well, it was still great fun and hopefully I can visit another Scandinavian country at some point in the future.

Here’s hoping…