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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fashion Packed Milan!

We have returned from Milan in Italy! It was great, Milan is known for its expensive designer shops and having an event called ‘Fashion Week’ there. We walked the streets of Milan, window-shopping at all the fabulous designer clothes! I even bought myself a pair of designer shoes. And i also treated Catch to a new outfit!

After that we took a trip to Duomo, which is a very famous Cathedral in Milan. We even got to take an elevator up to the roof and had the chance to walk along the roof of the cathedral and explore the sights. I nearly dropped my hat though! Catch was rather nervous about it, but she got used to it. The views of the mountains were incredible.

Catch and i thought we would go and relax after that in Parco Sempione, which is a beautiful scenic park with a Castle there which contains several Museums inside of it. We really enjoyed the atmosphere there, we both didn’t want to leave!

We are missing Milan already, but at least we have our designer shoes and clothing as a souvenir!

Latch & Catch.

Hello, Brussels!

I’m back off my adventure to beautiful Brussels in Belgium! I had the opportunity to see the attraction sites, and eat all the food I could. Brussels has many delicious chocolates, waffles and of course Brussels Sprouts!

I really enjoyed visiting ‘Mini- Europe’ in Brussels it had a range of exciting things for me to explore! I thought I would be adventurous and go to the water park there. I’m so glad I bought my swimming trunks! I loved the slides there but I was nervous to go on them but once I tried it I couldn’t stop going on them, it was great!

I thought id try out the nightlife in Brussels and see what was on offer.  So I took a visit down to Grand Place. I loved the cobblestone streets, the ancient cathedrals, flowered lampposts and the shops and restaurants there. It was such a relaxing atmosphere, I loved it!

I wish I were back there now!

La France!

Me and Catch have just came off our first Holiday together! Catch is my girlfriend by the way. We had a  fantastic adventure in Brest, France! We thought we would start off by taking an adventure around the historic side of Brest and view one of the main historical attractions in Brest which is the Tanguy Tower, it is one the of the oldest remaining monuments in France. It was bombed previously during World War 2 in the 14th Century and was used as a lookout passage back then. I still found it very interesting to see such a historic building but Catch didn't enjoy it that much!

After this Catch wanted to visit The Museum of Fine arts, which was destroyed in 1941 by the World War 2 bombings, but rebuilt in 1964. It brought out the creative side in us both. There were some fascinating paintings that we really enjoyed looking at. I might even look into painting some myself when I find the time!

The main highlight of our trip was Oceanopolis, which is a large aquarium containing thousands of underwater creatures. It was fantastic, We saw penguins, sharks, turtles, any thing you name it. I got the opportunity to even feed a penguin, but it tried to eat me instead! Catch just laughed at me. As well as this we saw a fish that was identical to Finding Nemo!We would both  love to take a visit back there and see all the underwater creatures again!

Where will we be visiting next time?
Latch & Catch.