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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Düsseldorf...take two!

Guten Tag!

I am back in Düsseldorf! I have learnt lots of German for my trip and have tried it out on the Western Body Hardware's distributors when I met up with them this afternoon, they seemed impressed! I’m just about to embark on an adventure to Altstadt, which is famous for Alt beer!

So far the weather has been lovely, I hope it stays that way for my visit to the Rhine Tower. I'm a bit scared because it is 160 meters high but I’m sure it will be worth it to get the perfect view of the city.

Catch has made me promise to buy her a new coat from the German Market after seeing mine from my last visit. I will have to return there later with my haggling hat on! I feel that this trip is going to be as memorable as the last!


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