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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fashion Packed Milan!

We have returned from Milan in Italy! It was great, Milan is known for its expensive designer shops and having an event called ‘Fashion Week’ there. We walked the streets of Milan, window-shopping at all the fabulous designer clothes! I even bought myself a pair of designer shoes. And i also treated Catch to a new outfit!

After that we took a trip to Duomo, which is a very famous Cathedral in Milan. We even got to take an elevator up to the roof and had the chance to walk along the roof of the cathedral and explore the sights. I nearly dropped my hat though! Catch was rather nervous about it, but she got used to it. The views of the mountains were incredible.

Catch and i thought we would go and relax after that in Parco Sempione, which is a beautiful scenic park with a Castle there which contains several Museums inside of it. We really enjoyed the atmosphere there, we both didn’t want to leave!

We are missing Milan already, but at least we have our designer shoes and clothing as a souvenir!

Latch & Catch.

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