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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello, Brussels!

I’m back off my adventure to beautiful Brussels in Belgium! I had the opportunity to see the attraction sites, and eat all the food I could. Brussels has many delicious chocolates, waffles and of course Brussels Sprouts!

I really enjoyed visiting ‘Mini- Europe’ in Brussels it had a range of exciting things for me to explore! I thought I would be adventurous and go to the water park there. I’m so glad I bought my swimming trunks! I loved the slides there but I was nervous to go on them but once I tried it I couldn’t stop going on them, it was great!

I thought id try out the nightlife in Brussels and see what was on offer.  So I took a visit down to Grand Place. I loved the cobblestone streets, the ancient cathedrals, flowered lampposts and the shops and restaurants there. It was such a relaxing atmosphere, I loved it!

I wish I were back there now!

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